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KD Kids 2008 Weekend Care Schedule May 28, 2008

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Weekend care in Kaiserslautern has been canceled.  I have returned to the United States. If you live in the San Antonio area please check back periodically for updates and availability.  Thank you 🙂


Weekend Child Care May 27, 2008

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Hi! If you’ve come to this site it is because you live in the Kaiserslautern area and are looking for trusted childcare on the weekends. Please note that the care provided is in no way associated with the childcare provided by the military community. Below you will find the rates and directions for signing up. There are only 8 slots available on days where care is provided, with three spots reserved specifically for infants. The lower rates are for children who are already potty trained. The specific dates will be posted by mid-June.

Friday – $7.50 an hour

Saturday – $6.50 an hour

Sunday -$6.50 an hour

Overnight – $75.00 – 85.00

Entire Weekend – $125.00 – 135.00

How you sign up: All you have to do is send an email to kdkids_learning@yahoo.com include the date(s) you wish to sign up for. You will then get a confirmation email that will remind you of the rates and dates, as well as provide you directions to the place of care.

Basic Information: Each day the site will be updated to let you know how many slots are available. Any dates signed up for more than two weeks in advance will need to be reconfirmed the week of care. If you reserve a spot and cancel after the Wed of the week of care I will ask that you pay a $20.00 courtesy fee in the event that the slot cannot be filled by the weekend. Even if there are no slots you are welcome to sign up and should a slot become available I will notify you Thursday morning and if you still need child care for that weekend, I will give you the slot. Should your child require emergency care or behave extremely poorly, you will be contacted to pick them up. No refunds will be given for either circumstance. Payment for service is due when dropping the child(ren) off for care. Rates are per child. In the instance of overnight care, I ask that you pick up your child the next day by 10 am. Should you not be able to do so, after 10 am you will be charged that days hourly rate which will be due when you pcik up your child.

If you have questions, please ask them here by leaving a comment. If they are specifically about your child’s needs please utilize the provided email address.